From The Gods With Love

by Odin

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This album is meant to be a journey through sounds and places. I composed the majority of it while traveling in Europe for the first time, an eye opening experience that showed me the vastness of the planet, the mysteries that are within life itself, and made me question everything I know. All these songs showcase different sides of Odin; sides that may not even exist. From the gods with love, here is some music. Listen to it.


released August 14, 2016

All songs written by Odin.

All instruments performed by Odin, except:

Max Nesbet: electric bass and and drums (3).

Jerry Herrera: drums (10).

Artwork by Odin and Wendy.

Produced and mixed by Odin and Richard.

Special thanks to Max, Rocco, Jerry, and Alan for letting me use their instruments and equipment, and for providing moral support; Richard for helping with production and important aesthetic decisions; The DJ Project; Phil Miller; and my family.

This album is dedicated to my grandfather Ken Mecham, and world peace.




Odin San Francisco, California

A graduate of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in the World Music department, I am a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. With roots in folk tradition, I strive to create songs that are informative, soulful, and opinionated. I write lengthly songs as a form of meditation and healing to help other beings through the fast pace of modern life. Words are my weapon against hate and greed. ... more

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Track Name: Bridge to the Keeping
August 1914, Grieson's hauled down
the souls of 50,000 while the rivers rush 'round
up through the Clyde, the miller, and the church
the keeper lays down a body in the misty night
me, I'm steppin' in the cold muddy ground
on an old tombstone covered in moss
I stood up and walked over my ancestors' graves
now their spirits are bound to take me home

They say there's a world no one will ever know
they say there's something out there bigger that the fields we run
I don't know if I've been touched by an angel or a ghost
but there's got to be a bridge to the keeping

the soldiers hold their guns in the battlefield
four years of torture and pain
the digger carries the sack all down the stony hill
but no one will know their names
gravedigger, gravedigger, hold your shovel high
the moon ain't smilin' anymore
they died with blood and gunpowder,
unnamed, they lay in trenches deep


me, I lay in bed with the wind howin' through town
an hour past midnight in a Glasgow hotel
the deep sleep came and washed me away
as I fell past the ocean and deep into the sea
I jump to a start and felt a beating in my heart
I wrestle with the shadows and rush across the room
in the darkness I thought I saw a shape of an arm
but he sailed off to the Fortunate Isles


the spirits all lie on the cliffs of the Hebrides
where the green mountains meet the sea
maybe Cúchulainn is watching over us
fighting the demons and ghouls that wreck our dreams
way up in Skye there is a story of the ones who never leave
where the fishermen lead them to their majestic crystal ships
the world around us remains a mystery
but our spirits are looking for a home
Track Name: Spirits
Verse 1:
I think I saw a ghost today
sitting next to me on a cold London ride
violet splinters disrupted the symphony
while sunlight was shining in his eyes
the frames 'round his glasses were so torn they collided
just like the bullets from the day that he died

so come shine a little light on the avenue, I'm closer than a hero to the memory of you
the world is getting bigger but our voices are the end of these crazy times
and spirits never cease

Verse 2:
I wore a green jacket in honor of Che Guevara
and all the ones who never made the grade today
he told me he's been writing a play about Elvis Presley
I said that's cool just as long as it's free and easy
we casts aside those who don't preach or entertain us
but then we complain when she's bigger than Jesus

Verse 3:
as I told him my goodbyes he said see you later
just keep your fists in the air and your rebel soul rocking
everybody's walking with their hands in their pockets
they think that life's just a game but they're aren't living
I think this place has become just a little to square for me
so I'm gonna equalize my profits and go see Suzanne for a while
Track Name: Sweet Marianne
Verse 1:
I want to see myself again,
when I come back to you, my singing child
wonder where the words will be
when the dreams call, they call back to me
the summer rain washes out all the leaves
but the air is thick, like magnolia trees
when all the world is caught up in fate,
I will think of you, sweet Marianne

sunshine, jingle jangle, back and forth we go
forwards, backwards, downwards, rolling through the tracks
bring buckets of sympathy to pour down the drain
all for sweet Marianne

Verse 2:
so I took a chance and went down to the sea
to try and find her melody
I wandered back across the fields
till I came upon a burgundy
I asked him "where's the music at?"
so he pointed to me, said "come and see"
there were dancing bears and calliopes
and the tune that they played was sweet Marianne

Verse 3:
When the music is done and the strife is young
only one thing is left undone
take a ride down to the birth of the sun
with the brothers in arms and the chosen ones
sing out your tune one final time
hear the skies harmonize with sonic delight
if anyone asks you what's become of the song
say "it's waiting to play for sweet Marianne!"
Track Name: Bound To You
Verse 1:
well, I've been down to the seven seas
I've seen the temples and I've seen the floods
I've wandered aimlessly down those dark crooked streets
and I've rode the steam trains all down the silver state line
I've seen people crying, I've seen children out of luck
I've seen some people who just want to pick a fight
one day soon everything is gonna change
something tells me I'm gonna have a bright day

you knock me out, you fill up my cup
you take away my heartache and all of my blues
you turn the sunlight into a melody
when the tide rolls in you pull me ashore

well, I'm bound to you, I don't wanna run around no more
yes I'm bound to you, and honey don't you ask me to move
I've been bound, bound to you

Verse 2:
when the Folsom street rain pours our sorrow down the drain
I'll regret all the times I said goodbye
you made me your fool with 100 blue eyes
but the years turn backwards all my time
Athena Athena, god I love your smile
but the wind is howling when you're gone
the summer's almost here so lets go get some more regrets
'cause I've done some hard traveling
Track Name: For Martyrs and My Only True Lover
this city is paved with layers of gold
the way's deserted but the lilies are in bloom
the streets are crumbling but it's more than enough
to keep me in the mother's embrace
no beggars on the floor look that old
just been a million times through heaven or maybe more
but when the working man comes back with no salary
you know the system's truly gone insane
Lucie, it's all just a game in my head
for martyrs and my only true lover

Paris, I need to be in your arms
feel your funny solutations and artistic collections
where cigarretes lay in a pool of black water
where footsteps will land and carry all the dead ashes
I put it to rest as a little too theatrical
and gave in to the smiles on their faces
these people I know are the kindest I've met
and they give you something in return
nobody said that it's all just a game in my head
for martyrs and my only true lover

well, here we go again it's just another rainy day
and I'm stuck inside this cozy hotel
give them pain, give them a name
I can't be the only one left to blame
from here to California's just another long haul
I'm crossing that old silver state line
if ever I return to these broken down shops
I'll ride to the edge of your forgotten seas
but somebody told me it's just another game in my head
for martyrs and my own true lover
Track Name: Soul Candle
walking down by the seashore at noon
whispers of wind, seashells will tell
a mother, a baby, a mad Englishman
the rumbling is endless when you're on the run
the world is a cauldron and we are the meat
so many people are out in the street

I light a candle, I light a soul
I light a candle, warmth for the soul

o humble savior, what's he done now
set the poor free, threw them some pounds
cast out the king, throw out the crown
I wonder where the hero's wandered down to
Yorkshire hiding, seashells seashells
sunset is here but the fog's still come on

windows streaked with lines that could buy us some time
heroes don't worship to the peasants or the meek
every day's been less stressful since the circus left town
and quicksilver roses were the song that she sang
consciousness losing, concrete loose all around me
weary is the order of the contingency of pride

starlight down by the old fisherman's bench
same as it's been for 1,000 years or more
the valley's calm shore what's that 'round the edge,
three golden galley's a-passin' me by
run 'round the carousel, pull out some herbs
the darkness has stretched past my fine lace

enter "Scarborough Fair"
Track Name: Dreamstation/Solstice
midnight rain's dripping on the lake
I'm stuck between dead heat and the snow
nobody's creeping, whole world is sleeping
this mansion is alive with music and dictations
christian words from an ebony dream
another bell tolls for the winter solstice

here comes my mountain monster,
here comes the midnight panther
time ticks away for a reluctant killer
but I'm not going home

living in a dreamstation, life is harder than pain
living in a dreamstation, I'm in on the crime

Mary Shelly dreamt of hell and new inventions
and she wrote out fears deep down inside
when I glance at the rain and glacial fields
I see hallucinations from an older world
but it's so warm inside these four station walls
I could drown from dehydration
Track Name: Into the Woods
eucalyptus, baby, leaves all crowned by these lonely nights
watching rivers from your backyard, the backyard where we thought paradise was
but that was just a thought, a thought I had when I was an old man

the lions, the lions drove teardrops from the song of the rain
and St. Francis mixed the lights with poison and shattered fame
like a shaded form of dignity, a desire no one wanted to tame

Into the woods, into a city where life is free
I'm not gonna take it,
gonna write a false letter in somebody's name
I'm a-gonna paint it, paint it lord,
when I make it back into the woods

cemetery, you know this cemetery is dead like shouts in the wind
those trees are alive, they're telling the story of a past that I forgot
when I was young, when I was young I heard them coming to strike you down

every day, every day they pump more fear in our heads
and our fate gets stronger every time we stare into their screen
but I'm gonna change, gonna take myself back to where it all began
Track Name: All the Roses of Yesterday
Verse 1:
no use in taking out a loan for the helpless and the weak
for all the hunger in the world we still can’t get enough to eat
it’s enough just to see and say all things are considered
before the summer’s up you know it’s gonna roll some heads
We went flying on the waves when the spirits hit us
the sensation of congestion when I turned away
you asked me if I wanted a piece of your false neglections
it was cool like the spring trees and the silence of circus rides

Verse 2:
The sun’s been blazing on the road but the beast is still out
if he doesn’t rob your wallet then he just might rob your soul
never question your road on the path to desertion
just carry your world on a string and you will get by
sister Corrina she though you were an outlaw
she didn’t know that our constitution wasn’t written for pride
she got a glimpse of the red body of a dying whale
now the wounds are gonna heal but she’ll never be the same

but all the things I said to you
never turned the seasons around
all the blossoms that once fell outside our door
became all the roses of yesterday

Verse 3:
for so long I’ve been trying to make sense of the world
but been there’s too much situation happening ‘round here
now I’m standing on the road where my people were born
lord my head is getting dizzy from that weight
put diamonds on the hillside where the maidens lay
but don’t go digging when the wolves are back in town
you have eyes like a demon that could stop the next world war
but the patriots would throw you under the bus

Verse 4:
sitting here we talk but no words cannot be found
they just fall apart and melt into the air
don’t weep for poor Ezekiel or his wagon full of desire
it’s just a case of people wanting to be free
I asked you when I met you if fate means more than redemption
I thought you were laughing but your laughter turned into tears
if a knowledge is a messenger I’d rather save my words
‘cause I’ve been worn down weary through the years
Track Name: From The Gods With Love
I met a man who tried to sell me his soul
he said he was my brother from another homeland
I told him man I'm sorry but it just ain't in my blood
if you really are my brother why you asking me to pay
500 years of slavery ain't nothing gonna change
one man's riches is another man's pain
everywhere I turn I see people on the ground
the government solution is to push them further down

From the gods with love, I hope you take a stand
From the poor, the weak and weary to the highest of the high
from the gods with love, I hope you heed the call
the wounds of the earth must heal

preacher man told me I was his long lost friend
but I lost all my friends when I gave up all my wealth
they said I was a refuge of the laws of modern man
but I didn't want to sacrifice the newborn lamb
I met Jesus in my sleep he gave me a blessing then he wept
said love is just a conflict but the outcome isn't love
ignorance will blind us when we perceive what's right and wrong
even Aphrodite's charms never turned war into peace

everybody tells me I'm exaggerating the point
just take a look at the starving child and say that to her face
you liar you say you will protect all of our lives
but mr. president will you save us when the prophecies unfold
acid rain is coming down and it's poison mixed with tears
but politicians think they can sell us sex and rape the world
you can call me a communist, you can strip me of my name
but I still believe that all good deeds will outnumber the bad
Track Name: Aural Blue Hymn
and when I wake me from the dream I lost
the fireside protection from your frosted eyes
trees of yearning, gold and forgotten
waiting for death to be released
something died, when I gave birth to you
something stirred, that pointed to the stars
sunlight brighter than the temples of ruin
reflecting back the last tears I cried

so when you're seeking shelter in the harshness of winter
and your life is flickering tonight
look up above and find the presence of god
in her land of the northern lights

and while I hold onto old memories torn and shattered
and the words I say may be falsely written
see the shades of a past where the future haunts me
and the ships sail deep into your ocean of rest
something died, when I saw the bombers and the houses
something stronger than the soul I have lost
the doves fly over the wreckage we were caught in
cold silence drifting over what remains

so when you're falling towards the darkest hour of sorrow
and your body is waiting to be freed
I will await your call and we shall be with you forever
in the land of the northern lights
in the land of the northern lights