Odin Vol. 1

by Odin

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This album is the first part in a collection of demos, forgotten recordings, covers, and outtakes from the last 2 years that I have collected together into a compilation I feel represents who I am and shows how I have progressed and matured as a musician in a relatively small amount of time.


released September 5, 2015

All instruments by Odin.

Artwork by Richard.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Odin and Richard.

Dedicated to my grandfather Kenny.



all rights reserved


Odin San Francisco, California

A graduate of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in the World Music department, I am a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. With roots in folk tradition, I strive to create songs that are informative, soulful, and opinionated. I write lengthly songs as a form of meditation and healing to help other beings through the fast pace of modern life. Words are my weapon against hate and greed. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Striped Mirror (Awakening)
Verse 1:
I started out as a rough companion
looking for my name in a foreign land
with the stars and the moon and the shattered windows
a bohemian lost like a ship of fools
singing to the voices in my head
tell me to change everything I know
like the devil sight of a pharaoh in need
I gave it all up for just one chance to see
I'm me

Verse 2:
It took me a while to move away from these scenes
caught up in desire like an eagle in the fire
summer breeze blowin' back all your old tears
winter rains knocking out all your bones
as the leaves grow weary and eternity is buys
God becomes a question in your eyes
when people aren't so busy complaining about their lives
I'll take the train to a new town and sing some new tunes
when you ask why I'm standing here I'll turn to you and reply
I'm me

sometimes a blue striped mirror can't tell you what to do
you've got to crawl, got to crawl back inside
from the shore of the harbor the truth it will decline
watch your lies drift into the southern sky

Verse 3:
walking through the forest with one eye on the spirit
the serpent calls you back for one more round
if I wasn't such a fool I'd have left long ago
but your spell kept me coming back for more abuse
I took a chance when I stood there in silence
watching you walk through that dusty crumbling door
we take for granted what's in our palms
with hatred and jealousy weighing us down
I left it all behind to face the dawn and realize
I'm me

watch your lies drift into the southern sky...
Track Name: Coral Shores
the unforeseen leader, he knows what he wants
he won't talk to them no more
like the colors in the beacon, he's been meaning
to head for the door

coral shores, the less you know
the more you see it's not rain and snow
everyday, he knows he's going crazy
but the shore never seems to grow old
oh no, the shore never seems to grow old

on a stream to paradise he left his love
as the days flicker on the dunes
she pulled him out of some strife, he guessed
but the world always seemed to be cold
yeah, the world always seemed to grow cold

hey man, cross in the tide
cross in the tide, oh cross in the tide

thought you're doing well with your nice guitar
oh, everyone a-coming to take it away
guess some things are better unseen
they even broke his legs, oh boy
but they couldn't break his head
Track Name: Million Miles of Revelation
Verse 1:
layin' awake on a rollin' car
thinkin' bout our world and the things we know
I've seen coyotes roamin' by the side of the road
I've seen shadows crawlin' through the old grey snow
the jester's smile, the ace of spades
the doors close, sun breaks time's back
skeletons call from the closet John built
love is too hard to free yourself from

Verse 2:
the morning has come, the truth it is drawn
smile, Mongolian rhymes you sing
If I was a sinner I'd pin you down
If I was a lover I'd make you see
ten bottles of wine, not so benign
the judge pulls his gun out of sight
call out the traitor, set your mind free
love is too hard to free yourself from

not my goodbye, the magician's last cries
put your money in your pocket and run
not a good sight, lookin' for the crime
a million miles of revelation

Verse 3:
get Henry and Jacob, go to the well
fetch the water and pull the rooster's leg
if time is a robin and night is a crow
how does the fortune teller decide
the dirt on the road is fire for the fight
and trades the hog for gold
when the sun blinds the cactus and you aren't a fool
love is too hard to free yourself from

lookin' for an easy way to catch the siren
fog on the hills rolling your sleeve
lookin' for an easy way to forget these trails
and crawl back into your arms

Verse 4:
bent down on the highway
the bells that jangle all down her dress
the jokers wild, the wolf in denial
old men drowning in solitude
peace in the valley, resting with the wind
let her sit like a child until she's born
the evening chill is shattering his soul
love is too hard to free yourself from

Verse 5:
come to me, bring me some peace
when we count all these stars on the moon
so many shadows coming between us
with ships and soldiers and kings
the eagle stares down at the world we've lost
the gypsy man wanders the town
give me your farewell and see us out
love is too hard to free yourself from

a million miles of revelation