Odin Vol. 2

by Odin

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This album is the second part in a hopefully continuous series of demos, forgotten recordings, covers, and outtakes from the last 2 years that I have collected together into a compilation I feel represents who I am and shows how I have progressed and matured as a musician in a relatively short amount of time.


released January 31, 2016

All instruments by Odin, except:

Jerry Herrera - drums (10)

Artwork by Richard.

Produced and mixed by Richard and Odin.



all rights reserved


Odin San Francisco, California

A graduate of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in the World Music department, I am a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. With roots in folk tradition, I strive to create songs that are informative, soulful, and opinionated. I write lengthly songs as a form of meditation and healing to help other beings through the fast pace of modern life. Words are my weapon against hate and greed. ... more

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Track Name: Something to do With a War
Change the world / stop the wars
Fix your house / and breed a horse
Run around / smashing ground
Burning land / it turns to sand

Verse 1:
I see that gleam / right in your eyes
It's like a stream / of some goodbyes
Don't you dare / disappear
It can be fair / with you right here

Verse 2:
If you die / I will cry
they will laugh / and I will sigh
don't run in / it's a sin
they will win / you give in

Verse 3:
I wish I could be / by your side
I miss that gleam / inside your eyes
the more you give / the more they will take
I wish you hadn't / run away

Verse 4:
I got the call / this morning
It broke my heart / to find you gone
It's so strange that / you must die
Just because of an / endless war
Track Name: Lonesome Arizona
Verse 1:
in this distant window we see ourselves
cold-hearted scavengers
look behind us see the rivers run behind
only when our well comes dry will we realize
rocks of dust collapsing in the Earth
tumbleweeds on the top of the melting snow
coyotes and elk on the dark side of road
shouldn't we all be to blame

Lonesome Arizona, why do we decide
stuck in a crossfire burning too high
all the pretty horses, where do they play
do they choose to be locked too tight

Verse 2:
mystery man came back to write shadows
on the hallways we broke in two
where we we built these castles of gold and silver
martyrs strive for guidance in these troubled times
just a ride in dusty lines with your illegal minds
straight down from New Mexico in a pickup truck
sun's been killing, weather's been spinning
our portrait's been drawn before the tide

lonesome California needs a lot of love
heartless Nevada's gone corrupt
way out west the heat's been brutal
way down south they got stormy weather
countless shadows of the dying days
Track Name: Open Road
Verse 1:
crossing the highway on a long decline
the river stretching out behind
a mystical shape near the fog
where cabins cast shadows in the night
climbing towards the ocean near Pescadero
wind plowing through the trees

heading out west near an open road, wandering into the sun
walking through the snow with a crimson sprite, I was there and then I was gone

Verse 2:
near the side of a crystal tree
where the light poures in all sides
birds of honesty,
calling to comfort me
I asked for the footprints of a hundred pound globe
to try and get home

Verse 3:
Crawling out of an open oak
I was wondering where I should go
But everybody knows it's hard
to escape from a metal cage
longing for the light to shine through the hills of our lives
maybe when I see you again I'll be a better man
Track Name: For the Roads
when things fall, they fall together
when it comes, it doesn't matter
hold your head up high and think
for the all roads you'll forget

Verse 1:
youth is gone, age has come
these sheets are too old for spreading again
I wanted you before anything else
a warm embrace not negative space
she was on her own and I want her to know
I felt more like her than I felt like me
she just sent a letter and she's getting better
but he's still in the hospital dreaming of what could be

Verse 2:
San Francisco's a long way from London town
and you know life's harder when the hardship is done
some days they cried, some nights were lies,
sometimes people mistook words for meaning
he spent his days earning wages for the cause
but the cause didn't have a solution
so he said his farewells and fell into the space
with motionless disposition

I'm flying into the battle
I'm crying, I'm fragile inside
I'm burning, I'm losing my mind
Track Name: A Train Called Gracie
Verse 1:
midnight cries, hungry for desire
let me go, I'm calling for you
wild machine, puffing that redwood
she gave me a signal but then passed from my sight

I found it in my heart, a train called gracie
I'm waiting in the night for a ride to eldorado
I don't need to believe, I know you're not lying

Verse 2:
sunlight shines on the road to my highway
Los Angeles, palm trees, suburban nights fly by
got my rebel lightening, voices to surrender
send in the angels to break down these walls

Verse 3:
my love is forsaken, my life is burning
praying for a milkbone to fall from heaven
she was cold with desire and loud with concentration
If I gave you diamonds what would you throw down?
Track Name: Airplane
Verse 1:
It's been so long since I've rode an airplane
It's been so long since I've felt the air
Everyday feels like a lonesome river
I can't seem to find my way

Verse 2:
It's been so long since I've seen most people
They always seem to stay away
I can't talk and my words will falter
I'm calling out to you, brother

When I try to change, I'm locked in a screen
When I try to question, I'm pushed away
Where is the love I thought was given
Why can't I live with today

Airplane flies higher, far above your troubles
Searching for a father, life is getting harder

Verse 3:
Where is the image of a peaceful valley
Where is the image of a world within
We can't find our peace of mind
We can't seem to find our way
Track Name: Missouri Tonight
murder and trial, lies and denial
law becomes nothing when your life's on the line
cops coming round, they burned it to the ground
let's go over to Missouri tonight

Verse 1:
chaos in the streets as the sirens roar
black man lying on the bloody ground
black smoke rising, the devil's in sight
just put 'em all down for expressing their rights
white ghosts from the lair circling this town
see them cower under what they begun
jesus christ what was that terrible sound
looks like the whole worlds a-crumblin' down

Verse 2:
we act like we don't give a damn about nobody but ourselves
but the pain of one in a million's left us with larger wounds
we can work this out in more ways than one
we don't have to burn and loot and cause each other harm
oh Ferguson you're on my mind
the only thing I think of when I lay down tonight
stand together in the name of equality
maybe we can really sort this game out

Verse 3:
barricades, cities unsaved
sidewalks trickle while war rages on and on
love is a burning thing you can't deny it anymore
prayers in the nightfall, prayers for their son
who went to heaven without a cue
when a corporation's alive what does it eat?
when a corporation walks who does it crush?

Verse 4:
see the children play in streets of golden
the silver pain that lines these walkways
we stood for hours waiting for change
but when it came we couldn't stand it
technological wars, electric oil
sucking us dry as we lust for the light
we can't stand it yet we can't live without it
we say we're done but go back for more

Verse 5:
in my life I dreamed this nightmare
we tumbled down from heaven to hell
I held on to you and we met in the flames
the serpent crawling through this desolation
drive through diners all closed down for thanksgiving
we paid so much yet nothing is done
how much longer will we pray on each other?
how much longer will we be so crude?
Track Name: Lonesome Is My Only Name
Verse 1:
some things are taken for granted in this world we call home
like a cold pail of water or a bed and pillow
but the one thing I miss it won't ever be replaced
its the love and respect of a true friend

Verse 2:
on that lonesome highway full of gamblers and tramps
I can hear the steam train blowin', its coals burnt through
but out in the ocean, the waves they grow colder
all the souls lay forgotten and washed on the shore

as the big oil rig drills its holes in the sea
I'm stuck singing this sad old tune
the howling rain ain't howling anymore
because lonesome is my only name

Verse 3:
I met a man he's seen pain his whole life
and he asked himself why we impose so much rules
everybody wants to earn more riches and gold
but when the pies are all gone what will they need?

Verse 4:
when I was younger I thought hate was a crime
but when someone hurt me I learned not to care
so I'm leaving this city and these torn memories
but while I drink my last bottle I start a new trail